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رتبه‌بندی استان‌های کشور از حیث برخورداری از شاخص‌های اقتصادی- اجتماعی (29449 Downloads)
A Survey of Foreign Trade Effects on Iran's Economic Growth (27732 Downloads)
تخمین درآمد، هزینه متوسط و قیمت تمام‌شده تولید گندم در شهرستان مرودشت (24111 Downloads)
Entrepreneurship Culture Development Factors and Solutions: Mazandaran Provincial Payam Nour University Case Study (19549 Downloads)
Examining the Dynamic Relationship between Foreign Exchange Rate and GDP in Iran's Economy (18353 Downloads)
Poverty reduction strategies, institutional economics approach (16706 Downloads)
The Border between Public and Private Sectors in Iran's Law with Emphasis on Privatization and Outsourcing (14877 Downloads)
بررسی رابطه علیت بین مصرف انرژی و تولید داخلی در ایران (13117 Downloads)
Performance-Based Budgeting (12723 Downloads)
Science and Technology Studies: A Review on Sociological Backgrounds of Technology (12483 Downloads)
The Determinants of Inflation in Iran Based on : Bayesian Model Averaging(BA) and Weighted-Average Least Squares (WALS) (12241 Downloads)
پیش‌بینی رشد اقتصادی ایران و مقایسه آن با اهداف برنامه چهارم توسعه (12062 Downloads)
نقش نرخ ارز در توسعه صادرات غیرنفتی در اقتصاد ایران (12043 Downloads)
Analyzing Iran’s Development Plans from the Viewpoint of Social Planning Factors (11929 Downloads)
The Impact of Credit, Operational and Liquidity Risks on the Efficiency of Banking System in Iran (11880 Downloads)
The Effect of Governments Current Expenditure Increase on the State Economic Growth in a Simple Economic Model (11495 Downloads)
Social Policy: Themes and Approaches (11421 Downloads)
Types of the exchange rate fluctuations Risks and theirs management practices: Theoretical Principles and review in the experiences of countries (11280 Downloads)
Measurement of Types of Scale Efficiencies in Milk Industry: Case Study of Kerman Province (11234 Downloads)
Causes of Nonperforming Assets in Iran's Baking System and the Solutions (11000 Downloads)
A Comparative Investigation of Iran's Economic Performance during Safavid Era and Europe in the 17th Century through an Institutinal Approach (10737 Downloads)
Estimation of Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment (NAIRU) and Potential Output (10737 Downloads)
Globalization: Threat or Opportunity (10275 Downloads)
Absolute and Relative Poverty Line Estimation based on Economies of Scale Approach through Stone-Geary Model: A Case Study of Iranian Urban Households (2006- 2011) (10176 Downloads)
برآورد سری زمانی موجودی سرمایه در اقتصاد ایران طی دوره زمانی 1338-1381 (10071 Downloads)
Money and Inflation in Iran: Vector Auto-Regression (VAR) Approach (9843 Downloads)
A survey of Relationship Between the Independence of Central Bank and Inflation of Iran (9794 Downloads)
Analyzing the Impact of Board Characteristics on the Capital Structure of the Corporations Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange (9783 Downloads)
Analysis of The Distribution Assets Acquisition of Capital Budget in State of Iran (1379-1390) (9777 Downloads)
Behavioral Economists and their Theories (9310 Downloads)
A Survey of Employment Status among the Graduates of Technical and Vocational Training Organization, Using a Model for Estimating the Influencing Factors: Tehran Field Study (9278 Downloads)
Identifying Factors Affecting the Deployment of Performance Budgeting Law in Governmental Organizations (9086 Downloads)
Performance-Based Budgeting Model: A Robust Optimization Approach Case Study of Tarbiat Modares University (9033 Downloads)
Assessment of Development Planning Method in Iran (1989-2009) (8927 Downloads)
The Effect of Transparency of Financial Information on Investors’ Behavior in Isfahan Stock Exchange (8861 Downloads)
Comparing the Efficiency of Investments in Irans Private and Governmental Sectors: An Approach to Privatization (8543 Downloads)
Productive and Non-Productive Entrepreneurship Role in Economic Development (8349 Downloads)
Commercial Strategy and Industrial Development in Iran (within Qajar Dynasty and the Islamic Revolution Triumph) (8302 Downloads)
An Approach for Determining Optimum Size of Government (on the Basis of Governments Public Budget) (8278 Downloads)
Evaluating the Capability of Uni-factor and Multi-factor Models for Predicting the Stocks Registered in Tehran Stock Exchange (8267 Downloads)
Iran's Population Projection considering Socio-Economic Factors based on a Multidisciplinary Approach (8242 Downloads)
Economic Effects of Digicash Use Extension with an Emphasis on Monetary Policies (8229 Downloads)
The Role of Industrial Activities in Economic Development:Input-Output Modeling Approach (Urban Areas) (8060 Downloads)
Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Performance Budgeting System in Public Organizations (7964 Downloads)
نقش سرمایه انسانی در رشد اقتصادی (7963 Downloads)
Provincial Revenue-Expenditure System: A New View on the Challenges and Prospects of Regional Development and Balance (7925 Downloads)
Relation between Organizational Commitment and Structural Dimensions (Formality, Complexity and Centralization) (7846 Downloads)
A Model for Programmed Allocation and Financial Resources Control by Means of Fuzzy Logic: Kish Free Trade Zone Case Study (7789 Downloads)
The Effects of Power Plants’ Fuel Prices Adjustment on Electricity Prices in a Restructured Market: System Dynamics Approach (7773 Downloads)
An Estimation of the Impact of Good Governance Indicators on Knowledge-based Economy in Selected Countries (7361 Downloads)
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