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Performance-Based Budgeting (35043 Views)
Relation between Organizational Commitment and Structural Dimensions (Formality, Complexity and Centralization) (26197 Views)
A Survey of Foreign Trade Effects on Iran's Economic Growth (24607 Views)
Analyzing Iran’s Provincial Status regarding Mine & Industry Sector’s Indicators: Emphasizing Yazd Province (23516 Views)
Estimating Real Exchange Rate Deviation from Equilibrium Value in Iran, using Smooth Transition Regression (23500 Views)
Ranking Technical- Vocational Training Colleges of Provincial Capitals with the Use of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Technique (22989 Views)
Entrepreneurship Culture Development Factors and Solutions: Mazandaran Provincial Payam Nour University Case Study (21941 Views)
Investigation the Impact of Fiscal policies on Private Section Investment in Iran (21485 Views)
The Relationship between Managers’ Standpoints and ‘Sticky Prices’ in Tehran Stock Exchange (21297 Views)
The Role of Social Cohesion in Economic Development (21015 Views)
Causes of Nonperforming Assets in Iran's Baking System and the Solutions (19734 Views)
پیش‌بینی رشد اقتصادی ایران و مقایسه آن با اهداف برنامه چهارم توسعه (19632 Views)
Ranking Economic Activities and Determining Investment Opportunities in Ardabil Province (19326 Views)
Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Performance Budgeting System in Public Organizations (19299 Views)
Different Approaches toward Transaction Costs and their Indications on Iran’s Business and Economy Environment (19278 Views)
Commercial Strategy and Industrial Development in Iran (within Qajar Dynasty and the Islamic Revolution Triumph) (19154 Views)
Knowledge-based Economic Development: Theoretical Principles, Experiences and Policy-making Requirements A Comparative Study of Iran and Leading Countries (18447 Views)
A Survey of Gender Inequality in Irans Job Market: with the use of Decent Work indicators (18415 Views)
Analyzing the Impact of Board Characteristics on the Capital Structure of the Corporations Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange (18379 Views)
جوهر اقتصاد نهادگرا چیست؟ (18258 Views)
The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Greenhouse Gases Emissions: An Empirical Test of Pollution Haven Hypotheses and Environmental Kuznets Curve (18104 Views)
Assessment of Development Planning Method in Iran (1989-2009) (17994 Views)
The Effect of Underground Economy on the National Economy (17801 Views)
Tax Evasion and Its Determinants in the Iranian Economy (1971-2007) (17752 Views)
Performance Budgeting as a Tool for University Procedures and Programs Improvement, Emphasizing on ABC System (17443 Views)
Optimal Interest Rates Estimation of Banking System to Maximize Iran’s Economic Growth using Simultaneous Equations System (17312 Views)
Examining the Dynamic Relationship between Foreign Exchange Rate and GDP in Iran's Economy (17302 Views)
Evaluation of Technical Efficiency of Iran Housing Bank using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Method (17141 Views)
Strategic Control Variables in Downsizing Process of Iran's Governmental Organizations from the Viewpoints of Managers and Experts in Mazandaran Governor-General Office and its Affiliated Bodies (16956 Views)
Analyzing the Relationship between Financial Recourses and Educational Performance of Tehran’s Educational Districts (16948 Views)
Governance and Development: Past, Present and Future (16939 Views)
Estimation of Private Investment Function in Iran’s Industrial Sector (1971-1998): Cointegration Method (16843 Views)
The Impacts of Exchange Rate Variations on Prices, GDP, Export and Import of Different Economic Sectors in Iran using a CGE Models Approach (16792 Views)
Applying “Analysis of Hierarchical Process” Model (AHP) in Considering Appropriate Criteria for Selecting Stocks in Tehran Stock Exchange (16710 Views)
Institutional Approach to Entrepreneurship (16608 Views)
Social Capital Downfall in Iran’s Economy (16606 Views)
Prioritizing Fuel Consumption Management Strategies and Policies for Urban Transportation using Hasse Design Method (16398 Views)
Applying Performance Indicators on Financial Recourses Allocations, i.e. Performance Budgeting, in Higher Education Systems of Some Countries (16347 Views)
Globalization: Threat or Opportunity (16114 Views)
Industries Competitiveness Ranking according to Labor Flexibility Indicator (16087 Views)
Analyses the Effectiveness of Anti-Poverty Policies and Programs in Iran after the Islamic Revolution (16011 Views)
Results-Oriented Budgeting and Management (15931 Views)
A Review of Iran’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Account Performance during the Third Development Plan (15890 Views)
Money and Inflation in Iran: Vector Auto-Regression (VAR) Approach (15828 Views)
Examining β Systematic Risks in Companies Admitted to Tehran Stock Exchange (1994-1999) (15758 Views)
Cost Efficiency and the Substitutional &Complementary Cost Factors Elasticities in Iranian Banking System (15741 Views)
Exploring Influential Factors in the Increase of Income in the Endowed (Waqf) Shops in the Bazaar of Tehran (15732 Views)
Prospects of Irans Income Distribution Sector and the Required Betterment Policies (15662 Views)
An Analysis of the Interaction between Development Economics and Ethics (15614 Views)
The Banks’ Transition Procedure from State to Private Ownership considering the Viewpoints in favor or against the State or Private Ownership of Banks (15537 Views)
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