About the Journal

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About the Journal

In 1983, the Plan and Budget Organization began publishing a monthly journal called "An excerpt of economic-social issues" with the aim of reflecting the world's economic and social transformations. It was published continuously till 1996 (volumes 1-155). The content of this monthly journal included papers which were prepared by researchers both within the Plan and Budget Organization and other institutes. Most of the papers were of a theory-based nature and since valuable papers were published in this journal, it was soon recognized as an acclaimed professional journal among researchers, professors and students. After 14 years of publication, the journal was revised and changes were applied to its form and content and the name changed to "Plan and Budget". The scientific publications office of the Management and Planning Organization became responsible for its publication. In the beginning, its publication frequency was monthly (1-72 till 2001) and then it was published bi-monthly (73-104 till 2007). In 2002, with the significant improvement of the journal's content quality, the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology granted a scientific-review ranking and this continued till 2010. In 2009, the IRI President's Planning and Strategic Supervision Deputy granted the publication permit to the Institute for Management and Planning Studies and again because of its quality improvement, its ranking changed to scientific-research and from issue 112 (spring 2011) the journal is being published as "Planning and Budgeting".
The Journal of Planning and Budgeting is accredited as Research-based according to the letter No. 159109 of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, dated November 07, 2011. Publication in this journal is accounted for the promotion of faculty members.

Target Group
Researchers within the Economics and Budgeting fields

Open access policy
Access to all the articles of this journal is open and free and articles can be accessed right after they are uploaded on the journal's website. The "Management and  Development Process" journal is published under the "creative commons attribution 4.0 international license". Under the open access policy of the journal, authors reserve all the rights including the copy right of their content but allow the users to download, re-use, re-publish, copy and distribute their work if only they provide proper referencing.

Digital archive

Journal's web-site archive

All articles are archived in two ways: The PDF copy of all the articles will be uploaded online on the journal's web-site and it can be accessed freely. Articles' backup is also archived in the journal's computer system separately. In case any technical problem occur on the website and papers' information are lost, each paper has a backup and it will be uploaded again shortly.
Indexing databases
The main information and abstract of papers published in this journal are indexed on multiple databases. Besides the main information, a PDF copy of all papers is archived in ISC and Magiran.
Personal archive
All authors can archive their own papers in their personal computer or their institutional web-site.
Copyright policy
Under the open access license, authors reserve the copyright for their own content but allow other users to download, re-use, re-publish, modify and distribute their content if only proper referencing is provided.

Financial Policies:
Paper Proccesing Costs

There are no charges for the review and publication process in the Journal of  "Planing and Budgting" for the authors. These changes are taken care of by the publisher which is the "Institute for Management and Planning Studies".
Subscription Fee

The journal of "Planing and Budgting" is an electronic and open access journal. Therefore, there are no subscription fees for readers.
Publication Owner:Institute for Management & Planning Studies 

            (Affiliated to Plan and Budget organization (PBO))

Journal Frequency:  quarterly
Article Type: original research, review research
Publication languages: Persian/English Abstract
Review method: Double Blind Peer Review
Time to Accept (Days): 180
Average First Action (Days): 6
Publication Type: Print/ Online
Article Processing Charge: No
Acceptance Rate: 39%
Publication type (Access to PDF): Open Access
Managing Director: Dr. Adel Azar
Editor in chief: Dr.
Seyed Ahmad Reza Jalali-Naini
Executive Director: Mitra Oliyaee
Academic and Literary Editor: Maziar Chabok

Add: No. 6, Mokhtar Asgari St., Jamal-Abad, Bahonar Sq. (Niavaran), Tehran, Iran, post box: 19395-4647
Postal Code: 1978911114
Telephone: (+98-21) 26116904 and Fax: (+98-21) 26116972
Email Journal: infojpud.ir
Email Editor in chief:  
IMPS WebMail:  http://www.imps.ac.ir
Journal WebMail:  http://www.jpbud.ir

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