Peer Review Process

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First Stage (Structure & Content Review)
  1. Upon paper submission by the corresponding author, the paper is reviewed by the Journal's administrative staff in terms of structural format. In case the paper is not approved at this stage, the corresponding author will be notified to make the required corrections. However, before submission, the authors' writing guideline section must be read carefully in order to avoid any mismatches between the paper and the points mentioned in the guideline.
  2. In case the paper is accepted in the first stage, it gets reviewed by the editor and co-editor for content quality, subject conformity and reviewer selection.
  3. Accepted papers will be sent to the selected reviewers and they will be followed up within 40 days. If no responses are received from the designated reviewers, the paper is sent to the editor for re-selection of reviewer. (the review process is double-blinded)
Second Stage (Paper Review)
  1. After examining the reviewer's comments, the paper is sent to the editor and co-editor.
  2. The editor provides his final comments and that is either to provide further corrections or reject the paper and notify the corresponding author.
  3. After the required corrections are made by the authors, the paper is sent to the editor and co-editor for decision-making.
  4. Editor's final decision is announced in either of these 3 ways:
  1. Rejection
  2. Acceptance
  3. Referral to the paper review committee
  1. In case paper is rejected, the corresponding author will be notified through the Journal's website. If the paper is accepted, it will go through technical and academic editing. And in the case of referral to the committee, the outcome will undergo phases A and B again.
Third Stage (Literary and Technical Preparation for Publication)
  1. The accepted papers in phase 8 will be prepared for academic editing. The edited paper will be sent to the corresponding author to apply the recommended corrections. After all, the final content of the paper will be approved by all the authors through the "commitment form" (the form is located in the authors' writing guideline section).
  2. After technical corrections are applied, the paper will be ready for literary editing and publication.

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