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The Criteria for Paper Acceptance

  • All researchers are requested to study the "format for writing a paper" file before submitting their papers for publication.
  • This journal accepts those papers for reviewing which have the following features:
  1. They have academic-research values.
  2. They are in line with the strategies and subject areas of the journal.
  3.   They are the result of first-hand studies.
  4. They have not been published elsewhere or simultaneously submitted to different journals.
Overall Paper Structure  
  • The paper should consist of abstract, keywords, introduction, JEL Classification, literature review, method, theories, data analysis, conclusion and references.
  • Citations shall be based on the APA guideline.
  • The list of references shall be in alphabetical order based on APA format as follows: Author's surname, first name (publication year), name of the article, name & surname of translators, journal's name (Italic), volume, number, pages. (For more information, click on the following: )
  • For punctuation and equivalent Farsi words, please follow this link:
  • Farsi equivalents of words and also important foreign terms shall be footnoted starting from 1.
  • Farsi references come first followed by English references.
  • Referencing shall be done through the End-note software or other similar software.
Other Points
  • What comes under abstract should be typed bold and the author should refrain from citations, mentioning unusual and non-standard abbreviations and providing direct quotes.
  • Papers shall not exceed 25 typed pages
  • JEL calssification (at least 3 codes) comes after the keyword section
  • Paper should include Farsi and English abstract with 150-200 word counts.
  • Keywords come after abstract (min of 5 and max of 7)
  • Papers shall be typed in Word 2013 or 2010 with B Nazanin font size 11.5. English words shall be typed using Times New Roman, size 10. Paper's file shall be submitted through the journal's website.
  • The titles of tables shall be captioned above while the titles of pictures and graphs shall be captioned under and their numbers should be mentioned in their titles without pointing out the word "number" [ex. Table 2: ….]. Numbers in the table shall be in Farsi and instead of dot use / for decimal numbers.  
  • All pages of the article should be numbered from the title page to the end. It starts from 1 to the end.
  • Under the name and surname of authors there should be their affiliations which include their ranking, department, university, city, province plus full postal address, phone and email address and the corresponding author should be specified.
Authors shall make sure of the paper's accuracy because during the first few phases of reviewing there is no chance of correction on behalf of authors.
Authors are responsible to only apply corrections recommended by reviewers. Making changes in the paper including removing or adding texts to it without the reviewer's suggestion will be considered as fraud and therefore the paper will be removed from the publication process. All authors would be responsible for the consequences inflicted by such act.
Authors are responsible to fill in the uploaded forms on the journal's website and send them with the article (conflict of interests form)

Note: In case your paper has a financial sponsor or research grant or it is derived from a research project, provide the relevant information in a paragraph at the end of the paper before references.

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